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Javoe Rôkour started his professional music career in East New York, Brooklyn. Throughout 2014 and 2015 he resided in the Louis H Pink Houses projects. Rôkour was 19 years old with a strong will and desire to bring his team to the top. His role at the time was helping with songwriting, brand building and learning how to develop his friends' music careers. At the time, Rôkour went by DJ Javoe under a group called the “Cash Addicts”. On Valentine’s Day of 2014 Javoe Rôkour and his team released their debut mixtape entitled “Hottest Coming Out of The Bricks” (HCOB) Hosted by DJ Javoe. The mixtape later went on to go double silver with over +40,000 downloads. This

successful experience was the pivot in his career that inspired him to learn more about the mechanics of marketing and music management.


Javoe started to notice that influencers and social media entrepreneurs were the future of business and branding online. This caused Rôkour to focus more on building his own brand and network of social media entrepreneurs. He started reaching out to individuals across the web for information, trying to expand his knowledge of online marketing and branding. Through doing this, Rôkour solidified his first apprenticeship from a young successful entrepreneur out of NYC who had the experience and knowledge he was looking for. Having someone to answer all of his branding and social media questions amplified his career. During the time working with this mentor the two verified WWE wrestlers, worked with international fashion designers, went to exclusive parties and met many people of influence. The work Rôkour was doing at the time was intensively micromanaged by his mentor due to the high-value clients the work was for. Nothing was going to jeopardize the image or quality of the mentors brand or businesses. At first, Javoe made plenty of mistakes due to the pressure of this, but eventually, his mentors strict expectations taught Rôkour to be virtually perfect with all his online communication and presentation of the companies he was representing. After spending just months with his first mentor, Javoe had a much better understanding of branding, communication and hands on business education. This lead Rôkour to want to start and operate his businesses and companies.


Ready to travel out of New York City and take his career further, he created his own showcase series entitled the “Rôkour Tour” at the beginning of 2016. Out of all the cities in America, Houston, TX would always provide Javoe with the biggest support across all of his social platforms. This is what led him to throw his first-ever event in Houston. Javoe’s confidence in the marketing and promotional skills he recently learned allowed him to believe he could throw a decent show for his first time. The date was set for January 31st, 2016. The show was bigger and better than he ever imagined, the sections were filled, the venue was beautiful and special guests such as DJ Princess Of DA Trill (Bun B daughter) and BeatKing were in attendance. This is the night Javoe Rôkour met the “The Trill Team” a music group that consisted of some of the best upcoming artists, producers, and managers out of Houston. Rôkour ended up moving to Houston with the Trill Team after SXSW 16’ to help build their artists Young Trill, Keing Rico and Chris Reze. This further taught Javoe about the groundwork required when blowing up independent artists. Rôkour and The Trill Team would hand out CD's, put up posters and consistently throw they're our shows in Houston. Eventually, Javoe Rôkour and The Trill Team solidified a small distribution deal for Keing Rico with Rap-A-Lot records for the album “New Jack City”. This perpetuated Javoe’s connections, his team and respect in the Houston music scene.


From Houston, Rôkour returned to his hometown of Binghamton, New York where he started working with an artist by the name of “Black&White”. Having all his experience from New York City and Houston, it wasn’t too long after that things started to click for Javoe Rôkour. He was able to help his new artist reach over 20,000 followers on Facebook, get paying shows, high-quality photography and verified in a considerably short period of time. This lead to a lot of opportunities, including working with a label called Nomadz Rekkidz. After shooting multiple music videos, performing at multiple shows and getting lots of exposure in upstate NY, the owner of the label chose to move the team to Atlanta, GA.

The team consisted of Javoe Rôkour, Mak Dulz, Black&White, and another artist by the name of Winna. With two managers and two artists, they set off for Atlanta in September 2016. The team moved to the outskirts of Atlanta to the town of Stone Mountain, GA. From the moment Javoe stepped foot in Atlanta, he knew that this was the place he was going to become successful.  Wanting to explore all the opportunities Atlanta offered young artists, Javoe and his team hit the ground running. At this point in Javoe’s career, he started to obsess over the question of what it takes truly to break an independent artist. Rôkour and his team started attending showcases, industry mixers, and local clubs to explore what the city had to offer. Although making numerous moves, the feeling of stagnancy ultimately took over both artists, and they ended up moving back to their hometown. Rôkour, on the other hand, was determined, focused and ready to continue his journey to become successful in Atlanta.


Rôkour eventually was staying at the team house alone, exploring Atlanta every chance he had. Javoe would go out and network until one day he found another artist from Atlanta to work with. With SXSW 17’ right around the corner, it was the perfect opportunity for Rôkour to get out of the house and take his new artist to an effective networking event and start building some traction. SXSW was a success for Rôkour and his new artist, D-man. Through Javoe’s relationships, he was able to gain backstage access to SXSW major stages. This allowed Javoe and his new artist to view major acts at the top level in their element. After SXSW was over, Javoe went to Houston to catch up with his old team and introduce them to his new artist. Once back in Atlanta, Javoe was focused and eager to help build D-man’s career up. At this time, Rôkour was doing artist consultations and music evaluations to make money. This led him to meet some incredible people and open more doors and opportunities in Atlanta. One of the individuals who bought a consultation from Rôkour was none other than the owner of Organic Music Marketing, Cody Patrick. Upon doing research, Rôkour was stunned to find out who Patrick was and how much work he’s put in the music industry. Amazed at why someone of Cody’s success would pay him for a consultation, Rôkour was quick to learn that Patrick was impressed by his branding and ability to reach a large number of artists and intrigue them to buy his services. This led Javoe to landing a job as a music marketer at Organic Music Marketing.


While working with his current artist Javoe was finally breaking him to millions of viewers, got him verified on Instagram and a single distribution deal. Rôkour and his artist found success through creating theme songs for famous YouTube couples channels. Before his mega success producer ATL Jacob made the beat for Domo and Chrissy’s theme song “amazing”, a song executively produced by Javoe Rôkour and recorded by his then artist. With so many opportunities and offers eventually the lack of trust and loyalty separated Javoe from this artist and there time came to an end. Now with a clear horizon and tons of personal experience Javoe Rôkour finally was starting to truly understand the full scope of what it takes to make an independent artist successful.


Upon going to the studio, one day Javoe came across his future mentor Willie “Prophet” Stiggers a music industry veteran, professional artist manager and co-founder of the Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC). Humbled by the connection, Javoe asked Prophet if he could be his assistant in the future. After contemplating for a moment Prophet picked a meet up spot, they met/discussed and Javoe solidified his role as Prophet’s assistant. Prophet’s 50/50 Music Group Management is a management, consultant and publishing company. 50/50 manages R&B superstar Layton Greene, first R&B artist on QC/Capitol/Motown as well as Casper Bluff (Cash Money Records); Music Producer G-Styles On The Track (SONY/ATV); and Money Marr (1019GS/EMPIRE). Solidified with his new assistant role, major artists to work with and an incredible marketing team Javoe was ready to dive into all his new endeavors. The experience Javoe learned from his new mentor and working closely with all the major artists was the last key to unlocking the answer to his question “how do you make an independent artist successful”. Working with his mentor Prophet was the most valuable experience of Javoe’s career. Having first hand experience from one of the greatest music managers to ever live perpetuated Javoe’s ability to solve music industry related problems quickly and effectively. While working with Prophet Javoe had the ability to study industry professionals closely such as Neyo, Shawn Holiday, Hitmaka and many more. Currently Javoe is passionately focused on building his online artist and producer education platform The “Rôkourding Academy”,  The Rôkourding Academy helps artists and digital creators reach their maximum potential by providing them the proper knowledge necessary to succeed in the ever changing entertainment space as well as a supportive community to grow and build with. Javoe Rôkour is living proof of what staying down and true to yourself can achieve and it is safe to say he has cracked the code for artists to learn “how to get on”.


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