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Is there anymore benefits that were not mentioned?


New members of the academy will get all live performance opportunities 50% off. Academy members who have been a subscriber for more than 1 year will get all performance opportunities free. Members who have been subscribed for more than 2 years will get VIP treatment at each live event. 


Do I need money once I'm inside The Rôkour Academy?

Not necessarily.

‍Once inside The Rôkour Academy all courses will be made available to you. However, discounted special events, and access to our automated fan building software does have a add-on cost if you choose to participate in the use of these resources.


What is the automated fan building software?

One of the advantages we provide our members at The Rôkour Academy is accessibility to new methods of fan building and getting their music heard. Through the use of AI, and our intelligent development team we provide you with cutting edge tools and technology you wont find anywhere else to organically scale a targeted real fan base.



Still have questions?

Click the yellow icon on the bottom right of your screen. Ask anything about The Rôkour Academy to the Live Chat.

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