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"Dive deep into the music business with our guide! From crafting songs to securing sync placements, we cover it all. Whether it's royalties, distribution, or monetization, this guide has you covered for success in the modern music scene."

Take ownership of your music!

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Join the 1% of artists who fully own their music!


the business' side of your music and how to properly monetize your artistry, we've organized every step systematically to guarantee optimal productivity.


all your musical works, Optimize your productivity by avoiding the hassle of hunting for various links. Save precious time and streamline your workflow.


Successfully monetizing your music provides the freedom to fully explore your creative potential while enjoying financial ownership of all your works.

Javoe Rôkour founded his company "Rôkour Academy" to help artists and digital entrepreneurs create profitable online brands. Throughout Javoe's career, he has established many key relationships and resources within the Music & Digital space. The key Resources and Information he's gained allows him to provide a competitive edge for his academy members. Artist Development & helping brands Build Leverage is his BIGGEST PASSION. Recently, Javoe launched Rôkour Records, his goal is to sign Artists & Digital Creators directly from the Rôkour Academy.


Earn What You Deserve

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