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Gain access to these special features

when becoming a member


What's The Rôkourding Academy?




My GOAL is to provide an outlet focused on brand building, fundamentals and artist development. From my trials and tribulations I've learned great alliance starts with a strategy. The wisdom and invaluable experience I've gained allows us to build better long-term strategies for all of the academy members to grow.

We help music makers grow and evolve over time, providing everything you need to succeed right here in the Rôkourding Academy. Explore all of our service options and learn more about what we can do for you and your career. 

The Rôkourding Academy prioritizes the needs of each member and each campaign. We strive to help you find your creative voice through a variety of services and resources. We work closely with all our members, to create solid strategies that will produce measurable results.


Transform your artistry into a thriving career by becoming a member of the Rôkour Academy, a dynamic resource for artists of all levels. The Rôkour Academy delivers current and relevant information in a straightforward manner, ensuring that artists can immediately apply what they learn to see genuine results.


Prepare for an extraordinary membership experience. You'll gain entry to our dynamic online and live events within our community. Additionally, we're thrilled to announce our seasonal collaboration with 'Bovtiqve Fashion Week,' a 3-5 day fashion/music activation like no other. Be among the first to discover event details and enjoy early performance access as a valued member.


The Rôkour Academy strives to be on the cusp of new technologies as they are being developed daily. You will be taught how to utilize certain software's that pertain to you and building a artist career. Ultimately, this gives you the ability to use different automated tools to give you the advantage to scale your brand and fanbase. 


Rôkour Academy provides members with various self-funding methods to support their careers. As a member, you can take advantage of opportunities such as our online entrepreneur interactive forum, residual income services to re-sell, becoming a blog writer and more. With these options, you can fund your music while building your fanbase and growing your career.


  • Learn how to fully monetize your music and become compliant with musical registrations and licensing 

  • Learn the terminology that pertains to earning money as an artist

  • Gain access to over 40 sync and pitching companies to get your music featured on Radio/TV & movies

  • Get your very own landing page to sell the guide and earn money by helping others earn money!


Join a community of creatives eager to collaborate. Within this platform there are many ways to meet and network with like-minded individuals from all over the world. Gain access to our private members only discord channel as well as access to Javoe's members directory, where you can find studios, producers, and camera men across the country all within our network!

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