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Do Google Ads Views Drop?

Independent artist! It's not just you, the YouTube app is crashing!

But it’s not as bad as you think. For creators and musicians it’s can be pretty scary seeing your views rise and fall if you have a big following. YouTube states on

“After legitimate engagement events are counted, your metric count should update more often.” YouTube continues on to say: “We’re constantly confirming and adjusting engagement events."

On some videos and channels, your metric count might seem frozen or not show the metrics that you expect.” While YouTube is aware of this fluctuating view issue, there isn't a solution yet that can change how the algorithms populate views on the App. If you're looking at a video you uploaded, you can monitor your views more closely using YouTube (STUDIO) analytics.

The team at YouTube has issued an update via Twitter, letting everyone know that the problem usually corrects itself after holiday ads traffic ends from google. After years of constant growth, online advertising revenue in the United States surpassed 46 billion U.S. dollars during the last quarter of 2020. This figure represents quarter-on-quarter growth of 31 percent and can be linked to the upward trend in advertising efforts during the holiday season. YouTube is a central part of many people's day, so when the app starts to act up, it can become a bit of an inconvenience. That's apparently what's happening at the moment to many people during the holiday season, as the official Team YouTube Twitter account is reporting that the app is experiencing some troubles and notifying users that a fix is on the way.


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