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Saucito - Singer/Songwriter/Fashion

International style icon & enigmatic R&B sensation, SAUCITO solidifies himself as an artist for any era. Nearly three-years since his “Lilac EP” SAUCITO re-emerges from his hiatus with a fine-tuned grasp on his craft. He is a product of a father who was an Officer, Boricua for a mother and a producer for an older brother. Hendrix and N.E.R.D. were Cito’s musical hero’s growing up. He doesn’t know how to describe the music he makes, doesn’t know what genre it belongs to and doesn’t seem to care. Saucito makes what he wants to hear and paints the pictures he wants to see in the world. He got his start writing and producing songs for other people, he put some records on Usher, John Legend, Melii and a few other people. After finding a sound of his own he no longer wanted to live his dreams through someone else’s eyes.




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