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Hero The Band is a multifaceted band from Decatur, Georgia comprised of four biological brothers with a unique musical vision that blurs lines and genres. Drawing from a world of influences who include:  The Temptations, Prince, Michael Jackson, Queen, Phil Collins, Outkast, and Coldplay, HTB writes music that exceeds and defies all expectations of what a four-man band can be and stakes out such a particularly creative piece of turf that it has no real competition.

Hero The Band recently signed with Lava/Republic Records and is fully prepared for the new level of its career. The lineup of Justin Barnett aka Ocean, Jerramy Barnett aka Goku Love, DJ Barnett aka BamBam, and Nick Barnett aka Nikky Jupiter are part of a large musical family.  Both their mom and dad sing; the band are fourth generation musicians, coming through a family line of singers and musicians from all sides.  The band began performing together in church at ages two, three, four, and five. They sing the kind of sweet harmonies that only siblings can produce and also possess high-level skills on guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums. The personal and musical tightness they share gives them the boldness required to take their music to the world, which is the immediate next step on their journey. HTB has already worked with notable figures like Big-Krit, Childish Major, Trinidad James, Jack Harlow, Tish Hyman, Pete Nappi, Nicholas Furlong,and Donovan Jarvis, and HTBlooks forward to collaborating with other A-list artists in the future.

Hero The Band.

HERO produces a sound that is forever timeless and inspiring to audiences of all ages. Hero's sound is captivating live audiences both locally and statewide. After performances, audiences express an overwhelming, euphoric emotion and satisfying feeling. Many fans testify, "Their music makes me feel good."; "Wow, this is amazing!"

"It may seem as though every hero has a quest. Some save a princess from a fire breathing dragon, others save the world from a nemesis determined to cause destruction. HERO has a different quest and that is to touch and inspire lives through their musical talents and sound. "It is our humbleness, writing ability, and the way we work together that is so appealing. We are brothers and we work as a team." says DJ.

Hero The Band - Back to Myself

Download “Back To Myself" here:

Credits: Lava Records & Hero The Band.


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