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Knoxville, Tennessee native Golden ‘G-Styles” Styles is a 27-year old musician ready to sprinkle his flavor on the scene. Growing up in a town that had no real alternative options to life besides working for someone else, he figured it out early that music would be his way of beating that destiny. As a child, Golden had a knack for beating on the desks of his classroom. His mother decided to hone in on her son’s interests and got him a drum set. And soon after that it was a keyboard. From there his career began.

In the 6th grade he began playing drums and keyboard for churches across Tennessee, only stopping a year ago. Sometimes paying for three churches in one day, the dedication to his craft was the center of his hustle. Mentorship from Professor Donald Brown and connecting with other like-minded individuals in high school landed him at the university of Tennessee on a Jazz scholarship after graduation. School had never crossed his mind, but as long as music was involved there wasn’t a question.

Golden left the University of Tennessee in his last year. Not letting that stop his hunger for more. He hooked up with some friends and began learning how to produce and make his own music in the guy’s tiny apartment. At this point, G-Styles was playing for at least three churches a Sunday across the state. With the education to back up the grind and passion, Golden as ready to make music his focus and expand his horizon. Nothing big or small was getting in the way. Progression is a must for G-Styles. He describes his style as Gumbo. It’s a bit of Badu mixed with Stevie Wonder with Sprinkles of MJ and on some days there’s even a little bit of jazz and alternative thrown in. He has a published recording with a band and started out engineering tracks for his friends that were rappers. No opportunity was too big or small for him. Everything had it’s purpose in G’s eyes. Dedication to his craft, along with meeting a fellow Tenn. native with musical dreams, pushed him to leave the music ministry and head to Atlanta. Currently. G-Styles is producing R&B tracks ad trying to solidify his name in the music industry as a producer/engineer for all. Staying true to the music and its grasp in his heart and mind for the last 16 years of his life is all that matters to G-Styles. Outside of that, nothing else is needed for him to make his magic happen.

Layton Greene - Open Wounds (Prod. GStylesOnTheTrack)


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